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 Parent Teacher Conferences Spring 2017
Hello Midtown Community Elementary School Families,

Parent Teacher Conferences are once again available through an online signup process! Appointment times and dates are listed below. Through this online signup procedure, you can select relevant conferences with your children's teachers. Please consult Parent Portal if you are not sure which teacher your child currently has. These conferences are for Midtown Community Elementary School Students. If you have multiple children in the school, please be cautious not to select the same time slots for multiple teachers/grade levels. Due to time restrictions, this will be on a first come, first served basis. If your child’s teacher does not have any available time slots, please contact the teacher via email if you wish to meet with them at another time.

Thank you for your continued support of Midtown Community Elementary School students!

Parent and School Communication Survey
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Welcome to Midtown Community Elementary School!


Welcome to the Midtown Community Elementary School website. We educate and support just under 500 Pre-K to Grade 5 students, many from very diverse backgrounds. Our staff is highly qualified in providing our students with the highest quality education, one that supports the cultural diversity of our community. Working closely with parents and community resources, our goal and responsibility is to provide every student with the skills and opportunities to develop their full academic and social potential. We want every student to develop an enthusiasm for learning, and positive character traits for themselves that include being respectful and responsible individuals as they work within our community to improve the learning environment for us all. MCES’s vision is to provide a safe environment designed to foster self-esteem, character and academic rigor in education where every child can achieve their full potential. We encourage our parents to become an essential contributing partner in the activities and programs that MCES hopes to provide for our students throughout the year. This starts with your participation in events such as: Back to School Night, PTO events, Parent Conferences, Music Concerts and Book Fairs. 
Dr. Mark Alfone, Principal

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