• District Goals 

    1. The District will provide a safe, secure, and responsive environment for students and staff through continued attention to district safety plan and training, as measured in part by periodic school climate surveys among students, staff, and parents.
    2. Provide support for students and increase teacher capacity in the area of reading instruction as measured in part by internal and standardized test results.
    3. Implement first phase of one-to-one technology device roll-out, complete with training.
    4. Develop and implement standard operating procedures in the area of human resources.
    5. Employ efficient and effective fiscal management practices.
    6. In addition to regular School Scene publications, write, adopt, and implement a Communication Plan to keep all internal stakeholders and the community informed of district initiatives.  This goal will be measured in part through a survey of the community and stakeholders.


     Board Goals

    1. The Board of Education will monitor and support the District’s progress toward achieving the 2016-2017 District Goals. Progress will be reported on a regular basis to the Board of Education.
    2. The Board of Education is committed to participating in open and constructive communication and information-sharing among Board members, and between the Board and the Superintendent, as well as to reinforcing effective and efficient chain of command procedures.
    3. The Board of Education recognizes that our District parents and overall community are integral partners in the success of our students. Consequently, the Board of Education will continue to build positive relations with the entire Neptune community of learners by exploring and implementing measures to improve two-way communications, provide a transparent decision-making process, and encourage community involvement.
    4. Board of Education members are encouraged to increase their knowledge and skills as Board members, taking advantage of resources offered by the national, state and county school board associations. Each Board member is encouraged to attend at least one MCSBA meeting and earn a minimum of six NJSBA credits per year.
    5. The Board of Education is committed to identifying the District’s long-term needs with the Superintendent and establishing appropriate planning to address them.