Welcome to the Poseidon Early College High School Homepage! 
    Since 2002, several nationally funded groundbreaking initiatives have been designed to improve the college readiness and college completion rates of students underrepresented in post secondary education. One such initiative is the Early College High School Model. The Early College High School model is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with nearly 250 such programs operating nation-wide.

    Three years ago, Brookdale Community College and the Neptune Township School District opened its doors of the Poseidon Early College High School for the first time.  The Poseidon Early College High School initiative was designed to provide students the opportunity to receive a high school diploma and an associate degree, by taking a mixture of high school and college classes in a small class size learning environment.  

    Students in Poseidon Early College High School are first generation college-bound students who have committed to the challenges of a rigorous high school and college curriculum. Students study under the academic leadership of highly qualified high school and college instructors who themselves are committed to this academic initiative.

    Principal Richard W. Allen, Ed.S.