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    Interested in Bucket Filling???????

    Bucket Filling is a simple easy concept that helps children and even adults spread kindness. Carol McCloud, author of the many different bucket books, developed this concept after attending a workshop on brain development.

    FILLING:   Every person in the world carries an invisible bucket. Your bucket holds your good thoughts and good feelings. When you are happy, your bucket is full or even overflowing. When you are sad, your bucket is less full or even empty. 

    You can fill other people’s bucket by saying, or doing kind actions. Each time you fill someone else’s bucket, you also fill your own. A simple smile can fill a bucket and it can start a chain reaction that fills many buckets.

    DIPPING:   Unfortunately, people can dip into other people’s buckets by being mean, unkind or thoughtless. When that happens, the person not only dips into the other person’s bucket but also their own bucket. It is impossible to fill your bucket by dipping into someone else’s.

    BE A FILLER:   Here at Gables, WE ARE BUCKET FILLERS! And we know it and we love to show it. Children fill buckets each time they follow directions, listen to the teachers, give his/her best effort, help others, share a kind word, help out at home, play with a sibling, etc. Staff and family members fill buckets when they encourage students and each other, inspire our children, and work together to make Gables an awesome place.

    USE YOUR LID: We encourage everyone to safe guard their good thoughts and feelings by using their LIDS. Sometimes if someone is being unkind or having a bad day, we need to put our lids on our buckets. We need to say to ourselves, we feel confident about ourselves and we are not going to let someone else take control of our thoughts and feelings.   Unfortunately, there are times when another person may be so unkind that even with our lid, he/she gets to our good thoughts and feelings. At that time, we encourage children and adults to find a fellow filler and ask for help!!!

    Please join the BUCKET FILLING MOVEMENT here at Gables. Spread some kindness, fill a bucket and become a bucket filler!