• District Vision Statement

    The Neptune Township School District is committed to working collaboratively with parents to provide a learning environment that fosters academic achievement through intellectual and social/emotional growth and development to reach the highest potential of each student. It is our belief that all children can achieve to their fullest potential in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. We believe that educational decisions for each student must be based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to achieve academic excellence. We accept the unique qualities and talents of each student as an opportunity to develop the whole child. We will continue to provide opportunities for parents and community members to support our efforts and to become actively involved in the education of our children. It is our purpose to provide our students with an education that will enable them to function successfully as productive citizens in a pluralistic society.

    Core Mission Statement

    The primary mission of the Neptune Township School District is to prepare all students for life in the twenty-first century by encouraging them to recognize that learning is a continuing process. It is with high expectations that our schools foster:

    • A strong foundation in academic areas and modern technologies

    • A positive and varied approach to teaching and learning

    • An emphasis on critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques

    • A respect for and an appreciation of our world, its resources, and its people

    • A sense of responsibility, good citizenship, and accountability

    • An involvement by the parents and the community in the learning process