Deaf Education
    Deaf Education Staff Directory
    Job Title Staff Member
    Director of Special Services
    Kathleen Skelton
    Chairperson of Special Education
    Marjory Wilkinson
     Summerfield Elementary School Staff

     Pier Phillips
     Morgan Brooks
     Christy Hutchison
     Lauren Damurjian
     Bethany Pappa-Tripp
    Speech Therapists
     Julie Jackson and Laurie Stigliano
    Interpreter Cindy Panarra
    Interpreter Jennifer Coletta
     Candy Alburtus
    Paraprofessional  Amy Brokel
    Paraprofessional  Debi Montemaro
    Paraprofessional  Joy Fondetto
     Neptune Middle School
    TeacherMichael Lawson
    TeacherKathleen O'Dell
    InterpreterEliza McCombs
    InterpreterCatherine Barry
    Speech TherapistLaurie Stigliano

     Neptune High School
    TeacherStephanie McEwan
    TeacherKatheryn Carney
    InterpreterKelli Pomphrey
    InterpreterAlthea Deuchar
    Speech Therapist
    Julie Jackson


    Our Educational Audiologists are onsite weekly to work with the children. They routinely check hearing aids, Cochlear Implants, and FM systems while also monitoring our students for ear problems and teacher concerns. The Audiologists work with the teachers, screen hearing when needed, reprogram hearing aids and run verification tests to ensure the students are fit appropriately. They act as a liaison between your students' clinical audiologist and the school ensuring proper settings for the learning environment.

    Donna M. Goione-Merchant, Au.D
    ABA Certified Doctor of Audiology
    NJ Hearing Health Center, Inc.
    1673 Route 88 West
    Brick, NJ 08724
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