• 6-12 Department Updates - Performing and Visual Arts

    HS Visual Arts

    HS Media Art: Digital Graphics

    This week Mr. Giovanni’s students are learning about domestic violence and creating a graphic campaign to teach others and provide help.

    Student made websites: https://ascenciorodriguezj.wixsite.com/mysite


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    Digital Photography I

    Photography students in Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s class wrapped up their semester with an abstract project.  Their requirements were to use multiples of something to create a high contrast black and white composition. They made some really interesting images that creating great conversations about art.  Before the class critique of the abstract project students randomly choose another students work to give a written critique on. Students are currently making one to two minute videos of their photography portfolios.  Students use Microsoft Movie Maker to set their images to music.  With the use of Google Drive students can quickly transfer images from their photo stream to their Google Drive and then to the classroom PC’s to import into their movies

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    Digital Photography I students took their lead from the Pop Art Icon Andy Warhol.  Students explored using Digital filters in Photoshop to manipulate an image of themselves or a classmate.  After reviewing basic color theory of the age old color wheel, students based their edits on color relationships.  

    Check out the students in action!

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    Taking what they learned about color theory they have now moved into White Balance on the DSLR.  White balance is a color compensation tool within the camera to add colors to the image depending on what the lighting situation is.  In the images of students working in the TV studio they were compensating for a tungsten light which gives off a red hue.  In the halls they are compensating for white fluorescent and daylight colors by adjusting their white balance settings. You can also follow the Digital Photography class journey on Instagram @neptunehsphoto


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    HS Visual Arts

    Mrs. Bowers Class is exploring painting through yarn during the Soft Sculpture Unit. Students are challenged to  create a visually appealing work of art that is depicted in yarn rather than conventional 2D art material. For the ambitious artists to meet the objective they must understand the use of tools, techniques and geometry in composing unique designs to create yarn paintings.


    In Digital Graphics, students are learning visual hierarchy, and how it influences design, and the impact graphic design has on the real world. Together, as a class, the students explored the confusion that occurred during the 2000 election, due to the ballot design in South Florida. Students have integrated the use the design process, problem solving skills and history to engage in this real world problem.

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