• 6-12 Department Updates - Science

    Welcome to the Neptune High School Science Department Website. You will be able to access a plethora of resources here including curriculum documents, study guides, and links to science enrichment videos. We offer Geophysical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Our elective offerings include Marine Science, Environmental Science, Advanced Environmental Science, Forensics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. All of the science courses have embraced the Scientific and Engineering Practices of the Next Generation Science Standards. Students will discover interesting scientific concepts through hands-on, inquiry-based activities. Students are also encouraged to participate in a wide range of additional science-based programs including Medical JumpStart, Environmental JumpStart, Engineering JumpStart, Mini Medical Academy, and the Mini Engineering Academy.

    Environmental JumpStart @ the Green Grove Orchard

    Each November the Environmental JumpStart students take a trip to Green Grove to prepare the orchard for the upcoming winter. With fig trees to be wrapped and other plants to be pruned, there's lots to do!

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