• K-5 Department Updates - Performing and Visual Arts

    Elementary Music

    The Musicians of the Gables School have been busy performing. Both the band and the chorus performed at the Eatontown Monmouth Mall Barnes and Noble, which also helped to support the Gables School fundraiser.  The band and chorus family members and friends were amazing!  They came out to support both the band,chorus and the fundraising effort. It was a successful night for all involved from the Gables School that night.

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    Gables Musicians also put on their annual winter concert.  The concert featured both the Band and the Chorus.  The band performed a variety of songs including Feliz Navidad.  At the end of the band portion of the concert, the band performed Jingle Bells and the entire school sang along. Both the 3rd grade beginner chorus and the 4th/5th grade advanced chorus performed, as well. The beginner chorus sang several songs including a partner song, Shalom Chaveyrim with Zum Gali Gali, and the advanced chorus regaled the audience with several songs, such as Holly Jolly Christmas and Heri Za Kwanzaa in 2-part harmony.

    The Advanced Chorus also performed for the Board of Education Showcase, where families and friends also came to show their support.

    Here is what to look forward to - Upcoming musical events for the Gables School include the 3rd Grade Recorder concert on Thursday February 15th at 1:30 p.m.  All of Gables will celebrate Art and Music in Our Schools Month in March.  The musicians of Gables will perform their Music in Our Schools Month Concert on March 21st at 9:30 a.m.  All performances are held in the Gables gym.

    Elementary Music

    Fourth graders in Mrs. Gallup’s class have been working with, and learning about music notation and the correlation to math. How many beats each music note and rest gets is pertinent to composing music. The students have come to understand that in creating a musical piece, one needs to make sure that each measure gets the correct number of beats indicated by the time signature. Students were challenged with creating a four measure rhythm composition by taking four rhythm patterns and placing them on a rhythm line. Students had to include a time signature, bar lines to create measures, a double bar line or a repeat sign at the end, and they had to make sure that each measure equaled what the time signature indicated. Students then had the opportunity to perform their composition while the class kept the beat on their laps.


    The Summerfield 3rd Grader Recorder Pull Out students performed a concert as the completion of the recorder program for the year.  The students played songs that included Brahms Lullaby and the Marines Hymn.  These students did a great job with their concert. Dr. Terrell and Mr. Palmer are very proud of these recorder students. These students will now be able to join the band in 3rd grade and choose their band instrument.  These 3rd graders will join their 4th and 5th grade band mates in the Spring Concert.