• K-5 Department Updates - Health and Physical Education

    Fifth grade students in MCES practicing CPR to get certified.  PE teacher, Whitney Tisch, set the class up through Hackensack Meridian Health (Jersey Shore University Medical Center).  The goal is to have all 5th grade students CPR certified!

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    In 1963 President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed February as American Heart Month.  Today, heart disease is the leading global cause of death each year.  This is no small number!  There are almost 18 million deaths each year.  According to the American Heart Association, by changing our diets and heart health, we can lower the risk by as much as 80 percent.  The students of Neptune Township School District are getting active so they can lower their blood pressure, improve circulation, and maintain a healthy weight.

    It all begins at the Early Childhood Center where Mr. DiGeronimo introduces our youngest students to a variety of lifetime fitness activities.  These activities develop muscular coordination, flexibility, and eye/hand coordination.  Students also discuss foods that are good for their bodies.  Students learn that working out and eating healthy can be fun.


    Students in the Gables and Shark River Hills Elementary Schools work with Mrs. Ayers to strengthen their muscles before beginning their heart-healthy aerobic workout.


    Mr. Tisch’s students at the Midtown Community Elementary School are participating in a Pacer Test where they compare “before and after” scores to determine cardiorespiratory endurance which is an indicator of overall heart efficiency.  They use a Pulse Bar which challenges students to get the highest heart rate during activities.  They also commit to a “no smoking” pledge.  At the end of the month students will roll right into Hoops for Heart run by the American Heart Association.


    At the Green Grove and Summerfield Elementary Schools, Mr. Vieira’s students are challenged to eat healthier, drink less sugary drinks, and to exercise every day. This goes along with our Hoops for Heart event that continues all month long.  Hopefully, students could continue this challenge throughout their lives.  To go along with our Hoops for Heart fundraiser students are participating in basketball.  Learning the major skills (dribbling, shooting, passing, and teamwork), as well as learning fun new games and activities that they can implement outside of school is the beginning of a heart-healthy life.  The activities they are learning can be lifelong habits.  Knowing how to eat healthier, and stay active can keep your heart, the most important muscle in your body, healthy.

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    Through Physical Education our teachers promote Heart Health in the everyday lives of our students.  They learn life skills that are developed throughout their school years in fun and engaging ways.