• K-5 Department Updates - Math

    The Elementary Mathematics Department of Neptune Township School District has incorporated the Everyday Mathematics program, better known as EM4. Units of study focus on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics and are organized in a spiral within each grade level so students do not learn mathematics in isolation. Rather, they are introduced to a topic and revisit it multiple times throughout the school year to better build a solid framework of knowledge and understanding. Coherence has to do with connections between topics. Therefore, material introduced in early units (or even in prior grades) must be revisited in greater depth across a span of months or years in order to ensure long-term retention and to build connections and depth of knowledge.

    Students are learning to apply knowledge to real-world applications. They are taught to solve problems using multiple methods. Gone are the days when there was only one way to solve a multiplication problem; our students learn three. Because each child learns differently, math understandings are made easier because of manipulatives, math discussions, and the online component - ConnectEd.

    EM4 provides multiple options to best differentiate lessons, thereby meeting the needs of our learners.

    February 2018 Updates

    In Midtown Community Elementary School, students in Ms. O’Connor’s class created data charts with candy hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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    January 2018 Updates

    Decimal Number Cents

    Place value with decimals is always a difficult standard for our fifth graders to master.  However, Ms. Wakula’s has found a way to make it more understandable for her fifth grade students in Green Grove Elementary School.  She dug into her coin jar at home and created a hands-on lesson.  Students chose a number – any number they wanted, and then were challenged to write the number as a decimal, fraction, and in words.  Once this task was completed, students were challenged to order their numbers from least to greatest.  Students that had a really good handle on the concept, took it upon themselves to build numbers greater than 1.00 (one student made 3.00).  Students that were a bit more hesitant were able to work with numbers they are comfortable with. 

    Students were able to assess their own work, make corrections, and push themselves to achieve more.  For examples, when students wrote .07 and then 7/10, the students both numbers in coins to compare.

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    Kindergarten math allows students to learn through play.  In Mrs. Beekman's class, she incorporated a STEM activity into math!  Students explored building creations using base-10 blocks.  The student pictured, Darrell, made a “hotel with a business center outside.”  It has “1 bed inside” (2 longs on left of picture).


    In Green Grove, Mrs. Seavey's 3rd grade mathematicians are solving word problems to plan a creative holiday party for Eddie the Elf.  

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    December 2017 Updates

    Our first snow had the 2nd grade students in Mrs. Hamilton's class creating Winter Word Problems!

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    November 2017 Updates

    The students in Mrs. S. Walker's class had to estimate the amount of seeds in the pumpkin. They separated the seeds from the pulp. They counted their seeds and we used calculators to find the total. They also made arrays with their pumpkin seeds. Lastly, they checked the initial estimated and rounded to the nearest hundred to come up with a winner!

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    October 2017 Updates

    Students in Mrs. Lupo's 5th Grade Launch Program at Summerfield have been studying volume. The class had a great time working in groups to create their own 3-dimensional figures while comparing the different dimensions.

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    Halloween Math fun with candy corns at Shark River Hills with Ms, Morris and Ms. Lloyd!

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    September 2017 Updates

    Mrs. Larrison’s kindergarten students explored pattern blocks during our Everyday Math lesson. First, we identified their shape names, discussed how many sides they had, sorted them and then described them to a buddy. Lastly, we had the chance to explore making patterns and shapes with them! The kids had a blast with this math activity!

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    While students were working on area and volume in their 5th grade class, Mrs. Wakula was expressing the importance of identifying the units – specifically what square units and cubic units are. Some students have a hard time conceptualizing that a unit is a general term. Since they haven’t had much, if any, real world experience with a cubic foot or meter, they built some! This way when the students are able to discuss math, find area and volume, and develop a true idea of what the question or problem is asking.

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