• NJROTC Department

    Department Chairperson:  Nicole Sanyigo

    732-776-2000 Ext. 7056

    Welcome to the Neptune High School NJROTC Department. The Naval Junior ROTC is a joint secondary school Navy youth program that emphasizes leadership, academic and citizenship development, self-discipline, and the Navy’s role in national security. As society’s demands for advanced education and strong leadership abilities continue to rise, this program provides the initial training and incentive necessary to meet these needs. By its nature and scope, the NJROTC program seeks to stimulate the student to set and achieve worthwhile goals in high school, in advanced education, and in lifetime careers. There is no military obligation associated with this course. Students and their parents are encouraged to fully explore the demands expected of those enrolling in this program, especially the requirements to meet uniform and grooming standards as set forth by the United States Navy. Participation in physical fitness training is an integral of this program. N.J.R.O.T.C The Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps provides training under the Guidance of the Department of the Navy. They participate in various activities such as: Flag Ceremony, Naval Review, parades, a week at a naval training facility, competitions, (local, state, national) and school activities. NJROTC is a credit course.  The program offers four sequential courses Naval Science I, II, III, and IV.