• Elementary Health and Physical Education Department

    Department Chairperson:  Dawn Reinhardt

    732-776-2000 Ext. 7803

    The Neptune Township School District is dedicated to preparing our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be healthy individuals throughout their lives. K-5 Health/Physical Education is designed to promote physical and social development. As students advance through the grades, they will master the physical skills needed to keep their bodies healthy through physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices.

    Secondary Health and Physical Education Department

    Department Chairperson:  Charles Kolinofsky

    732-776-2000 Ext. 7805

    The Neptune High School Health and Physical Education Department introduces students to a wide variety of activities. Development of desirable habits of conduct and sportsmanship are emphasized, in alignment to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Health and PE. Stress is placed on activities for recreational environments, team sports, adventure-bound activities, and to promote life-long physical fitness. The program allows students to further their skills in specialized areas of team and individual sports.  As part of the Physical Education classes, students are required to complete half a quarter of Health, aimed at teaching students how to maintain overall health and wellness throughout their lives.  Health topics include Personal Health (Grade 9), Drivers Education (Grade 10), First Aid (Grade 11), and Family Living (Grade 12).  Upper class student athletes have the opportunity to apply for Option II credit to meet their PE requirements.