• Elementary Math Department

    Department Chairperson:  Dawn Reinhardt

    732-776-2200 Ext. 7803

    The Elementary Mathematics Department of Neptune Township School District has incorporated the Everyday Mathematics program, better known as EM4.  Units of study are organized around the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics so sufficient time for instruction and practice are given.  The lessons are organized in a spiral within each grade level so students do not learn mathematics in isolation.  Rather, they are introduced to a topic and revisit it multiple times throughout the school year to better build a solid framework of knowledge and understanding.  Coherence has to do with connections between topics.  Therefore, material introduced in early units (or even in prior grades) must be revisited in greater depth across a span of months or years in order to ensure long-term retention and to build connections and depth of knowledge.

    Students in all grades (even Kindergarten) are learning Algebraic skills in math!  They are learning to apply knowledge to real-world applications.  They are also taught to solve problems using multiple methods.  Gone are the days when there was only one way to solve a multiplication problem; our students learn three.  Fractions, which are difficult for so many, are made easier to understand because of hands-on manipulatives and math discussions.

    We also understand that each child learns differently.  EM4 provides educators with multiple options to best differentiate lessons, meeting the needs of our learners.  The online component of EM4, ConnectED, also helps parents to support learners at home. 


    Mathematics, Engineering & Business Departments 

    Department Chairperson:  732-776-2000 

    Welcome to the Neptune High School Mathematics, Engineering, and Business Departments.  You will be able to access a number of resources here including curriculum documents, links to enrichment videos, and other valuable documents. We offer college prep, honors, and Advanced Placement level courses in a variety of subjects.  Our elective offerings include statistics, discrete mathematics, engineering, financial literacy, computer science, economics, accounting, entrepreneurship, and business law. We encourage all students to go above and beyond the 3-year state graduation requirement for mathematics and take advantage of our offerings.  Students should enrich their schedules and high school experiences by participating in academic activities, such as the Math Team, Math League, Robotics Club, Math Con, the New Jersey State Consumer Bowl, and the Engineering JumpStart Academy. The Neptune Township School District is dedicated to teaching mathematics, engineering, and business through exciting themes and skills that will prepare our students for a successful future in the 21st Century!