• Elementary Band Program

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    All students in grades 3, 4, and 5 have the opportunity to participate in our school-time Band program. Students receive a weekly small group lesson, and weekly full ensemble rehearsal.

    Third graders enter the program learning to play the Recorder. Upon successful completion of Recorder instruction, students are given the opportunity to learn a Concert Band instrument.

    Fourth and Fifth graders enter the program learning to play a Concert Band instrument. Students make a “mutual decision” with the teacher, finding an instrument that the student will realize the most success.

    All students participate in major school concerts, recitals, performances, and other special field experiences, geared toward performance.


    All students are asked to acquire their own instrument, and other supplies (mouthpiece, reeds, valve oil, and drum sticks). Families may rent or purchase the instrument from any reputable music vendor, however we encourage families to check with the following vendors first. Recorders may be purchased from these vendors as well.



    Instrumental Loaner Program

    Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, may obtain a “Loaner” instrument from their respective elementary school. These instruments are available to students at no charge, on a limited basis. Please contact your respective Band director for more details

    For more information, please contact:

    Green Grove, Shark River Hills, and Summerfield

    Mr. Ray Kelly
    rkelly at neptune.k12.nj.us

    732-776-2200, x5425


    Mr. Kelly’s Schedule:

    Monday: Shark River Hills

    Tuesday: Green Grove

    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Summerfield


    Gables and MCES

    Mr. Robert Palmer

    rpalmer at neptune.k12.nj.us

    732-776-2200, x3619


    Mr. Palmer’s Schedule:

    Monday: MCES

    Tuesday and Wednesday: Gables

    Thursday: MCES

    Friday: Gables, AM; MCES, PM