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How to Effectively Communicate with School Officials

Parents are often discouraged when they attempt to communicate with central office administrators and are sent back to building-based officials in order to resolve a problem their child may be experiencing in school. To prevent that frustration, parents can become informed about the “Chain of Command,” or where to begin the communication sequence regarding their child’s problem. Many parental questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the educator in charge of the class or program. Each situation should first be addressed at whatever level the initial action was taken with appeals moving on to the next level on the chain of command. The easiest way to communicate would be by email.

A phone call would be the next preferable way to communicate (732-776-2200).

On Matters Involving Instruction (High/Middle Schools):

1.                  Classroom Teacher or Case Manager
2.                  Guidance Counselor
3.                  Vice Principal
4.                  Principal
5.                  Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
6.                  Director of Special Services – Mrs. Kathleen Skelton, Director of Special Services x7821

On Matters Involving Athletics or Extracurricular Activities (High/Middle Schools):

1.                 Coach or Club Advisor
2.                 Athletic Director –  x7006
3.                 Principal

On Matters Involving Student Discipline (High/Middle Schools):

1.                  Classroom Teacher
2.                  Guidance Counselor
3.                  Vice Principal
4.                  Principal

On Elementary School Matters:

1.                  Classroom Teacher or Case Manager
2.                  Master Teachers (Preschool) – Ms. Lisa Coleman/Ms. Carol Krasowski x3624
3.                  Principal
4.                  Student Services
On Matters Concerning Facilities, Buildings & Grounds:
1.               Principal
2.               Facilities Engineer – Mr. Donald Frangipane x7815
3.               Business Administrator – Mr. Peter Leonard x7866
On Matters Involving Transportation:
1.               Transportation – Ms. Denise Casper x3631
2.               Business Administrator – Mr. Peter Leonard x7866
To Resolve All Matters only after you have followed the levels outlined above:
1.               Assistant Superintendent of Schools – Dr. Gristina x7839
2.               Superintendent of Schools – Dr. Tami Crader x7866
3.               Business Administrator/Board Secretary


Building Principals:

Mrs. Jennifer Joseph, Principal, Neptune High School                                x7011

Dr. Titania Hawkins, Vice Principal, Neptune High School                          x7015

Mr. James Whitson, Vice Principal, Neptune High School                           x7039

Dr. Arlene Rogo, Principal, Neptune Middle School                                    x6018

Mr. Thomas Decker, Vice Principal, Neptune Middle School                        x6004

Mr. Michael Smurro, Vice Principal, Neptune Middle School                        x6004

Dr. Sally Millaway, Principal, Gables Elementary School                             x5801

Mr. James Nulle, Principal, Green Grove Elementary School                       x5201

Dr. Mark Alfone, Principal, Midtown Community Elementary School            x3601

Ms. Lakeda Demery, Principal, Shark River Hills Elementary School             x5001

Dr. Jerard Terrell, Principal, Summerfield Elementary School                      x5401

Ms. Lori Burns, Principal, Early Childhood Center                                       x3201

(Format from Keansburg Schools)