• Elementary General Music & Visual Art

    All elementary students receive weekly instruction in General Music and Visual Art.  Our programs focus on the creation of Music and Art, performance, presentation, and responding to artistic works in a grade-appropriate academic manner.  These programs also have unique elements based on each respective building.
    Gen Music 1 In General Music, students learn the fundamentals of music through performance.  Before leaving elementary school students will have acquired a basic knowledge of musical elements, performed a variety of genres and styles, and gained experience using various instruments.  Through General Music, students are also encouraged to participate in the elementary ensembles. 


    Through the Visual Art Pictures 1 Visual Arts, students are encouraged to be creative.  Students receive instruction in the fundamental and elements of art, color theory, and instruction on specific artistic techniques.  Our curriculum incorporates teaching art history by focusing on learning specific attributes from a time period, and then applied through art-creation.  Students are given numerous opportunities to present their artwork to the school community.