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Greetings; as we look to defrost from a moderate winter, the Board of Education takes pride in knowing that we are doing our part to be fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of Neptune Township. 

As in past years, Boards of Education and administrators from school districts across New Jersey work together to craft a budget for the upcoming school year. However, unlike many other districts, Neptune Township has opted to allow you – the voters -- the opportunity to have a say on the budget. As you may be aware, Neptune Board of Education also holds the distinction of being one of a handful of districts in the state who can say that we have a great staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and no debt. 

I am equally as proud that the board has been actively seeking public input on various issues, and what we have learned and are encouraged about is the fact that Neptune residents are really passionate about education and our children's future. Over the past few weeks, we have had many thoughtful and transparent discussions on the right approach to carrying out our educational priorities as we build next year's budget. Our goal, of course, is to ensure that we are responsibly preparing each and every student to meet his or her fullest potential. 

At this time, the Board has successfully negotiated and ratified  fair settlements with its Department Chairs and Principals/Supervisors unit.  Recently, a tentative agreement between the Board of Education and the Neptune Township Education Association, has also been struck.  The Board continues to support its employees and works collaboratively with them to provide positive experiences for our students. 

So I ask you as members of our Neptune Community of Learners to continue to support our children, support our teachers, support our staff, and support education by exercising your vote on our budget. As always, this board welcomes all members of the Neptune Community to our Monthly Board Meetings. Please check our website for meeting dates and location. 

On behalf of the entire Neptune Board of Education, I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful spring as we approach the end of the 2016-2017 school year. 

Jason Jones,

President, Neptune Township Board of Education                                                                                                                                                                

 Dear Parents,

I invite you to follow us on Twitter: @NeptuneSchools to learn about school closings, important events, and the good work that goes on in the Neptune Township School District. If you are on Instagram, you can also follow us there using the same handle, “NeptuneSchools”.  

Let us know how we’re doing by emailing the Superintendent at

To help keep you informed about all the good things happening within the Neptune Schools, we encourage you to frequently visit our individual school websites as well as read the Neptune School Scene. The School Scene contains student work and photographs, messages from staff members, the school calendar listing activities and events, and other important school and district information.
Together we form a strong partnership to ensure that all Neptune students receive an exceptional education. We encourage you to participate in school activities and special occasions as well as volunteer in your child’s classroom as your schedule allows. We look forward to continuing to work with you throughout the rest of the school year.
Dr. Crader 
 Emergency Closing Information
When it is necessary to close or delay the opening of school, please check one of the below sites. Any announced school closing is for that day only. For updated information, please check the following sites
94.3 FM "The Point"
101.5 FM "NJ 101.5"
News 12 NJ on Cablevision
WABC 7- New York
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