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 Welcome to the Poseidon Early College High School Homepage! 
The Neptune Township School District is pleased to announce the opening of Poseidon Early College High School! We welcomed our first freshman class in September 2014 and are excited to have our doors officially open!  This wonderful student opportunity is offered through Brookdale Community College and the Neptune Township School District and is designed for first-generation, college-bound students. The program at Poseidon follows a prescribed, rigorous curriculum that enables students to earn their high school diploma and an associate’s degree in four years by concurrently completing coursework offered by Brookdale Community College and the Neptune Township School District. The staff are committed to providing quality education and maintaining high expectations for all students, and the small class size of 25 provides a focus on personalization of instruction   A strong academic culture will prepare our graduates to be competitively eligible for admission to institutions of higher learning including Rutgers University, Montclair University, and several others. We look forward to all of the future successes that Poseidon students will accomplish!

Poseidon Early College High School is proud to announce the 2014-15 freshman class: 

Neomi Argant, Reyne Bennett, Ty’Mirrah Brown, Sharmine Cenatus, Maxine Cottrell, Marielle Drake, Star Gaulman, Brandon Gore, Mydeara Harbour, Deborah Jean, Kaiya Jones, Marlee Kiernan, Kaylia Mighty, Carice Plummer, Enrique Provence, Antonio Rodriguez, Celeste Rodriguez, David Rodriguez, Christine Saint Fleur, Alex Sanchez, Adam Sherman, Herselle Wade, Naima Watson, Csakyeii Williams and Robert Youngberg.

Thank you for your interest in Poseidon and we look forward to embarking on this exciting, educational journey with you!


Tara L. Stephenson

Site Administrator

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